You can download this free tote bag mockup for free here. It is a mockup design in a minimalistic style that looks amazing. Its free tote bag design is one of our collections that you can use for your business needs. Everything is built using smart object features that can simplify and speed up your work. Before downloading it for free, you should know the term tote bag and how it differs from a goodie bag, not to design it wrong.

Understanding Totebag

A tote bag is a large bag that has parallel handles on both sides and has a small pocket outside. The tote bag is often used for shopping bags, bags for recreation, bags for style and more, and it is reusable.

Most of the tote bags are often used for shopping and the most popular for business products. This tote bag is widely used by brands that sell their flagship products or the tote bag itself. Besides that, the influencers on Instagram are wearing it as fashion.

The difference between a goodie bag and a tote bag

These two types of bags have something in common, and you can hardly tell the difference. But there are some significant differences, among others, from a slightly different shape, size and design. Goodie Bag is commonly used in weddings, birthdays, and gifts/gifts from product purchases. The material used for the goodie bag is calico or spun-bond. Some also use canvas.

The difference in the size of the Goodie bag and Tote bag. Usually, goodie bags have a smaller size compared to tote bags. It can be seen from its function, the goodie bag is only used as a souvenir, while the tote bag is used as a shopping bag that has a large capacity. Goodie bags rarely use adhesives or zippers, while tote bags now use adhesives or zippers.

Types of tote bag fabrics to design

Several types of fabrics are usually used in making tote bags, namely Canvas fabric, Spunbond cloth, Black cloth, and drill cloth. To choose the appropriate materials to do this tote bag mockup design, you don’t need to bother choosing it because these materials have their characteristics.

Spunbond cloth

Spunbond cloth is a plastic-based cloth commonly used as a plastic substitute for disposable bags when shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Blacu cloth

Calico cloth is a recycled material made from ivory or cream-coloured cloth. The durability of the material, in our opinion, can carry a maximum load of 4-6kg.

Canvas cloth

Canvas is a fabric made of cotton using a plain weave with a knitting technique that is very sturdy and durable to wear and does not tear easily. This type of fabric is perfect for use as a tote bag because it is easy to design

Creative idea tote bag mockup free download

After you know the types of a tote bag, we will discuss downloading the free tote bag mockup design idea. In the designs that we show here, everything uses smart objects as the basis.

Free paper bag mockup

The tote bag used is made of canvas. It will be very easy to design according to your taste. To design this tote bag, we used three types of fonts which are in the description below. This Free paper bag mockup idea looks minimalist and can save your budget if you produce it in large quantities.

Free paper bag mockup


Resolution : 2100 X 1500 with 300DPI
File          : ZIP
File type  : PSD
File Size  : 7,56Mb
Font type: Belgates, Nimble, News706 BT

Here you can download it for free. It has a small file size, and to run it, you must use Photoshop at least 2015 and above. And the three fonts used here can be found easily, and you can download them by typing the title font in searches such as, and others.

Free mini tote bag mockup

It’s an interesting idea to get a tote bag mockup for free. The design is simple and has a weak green patterned font. It uses two types of fonts as its base.

free mini tote bag download


Resolution : 2100 X 1500 with 300DPI
File              : ZIP
File type     : PSD
File Size     : 18,7Mb
Font type   : Belgates, Nimble

The file is high-resolution 2100X1500 300dpi which can display sharp effects. Here you can change the design according to your taste. Free mini tote bag mockup. It makes it easy for you to design a new masterpiece.

Free shipping bag mockup

This type of free tote bag mockup design is a great idea for a fun shopping spot. You can use this on a cotton tote bag. Using the cotton cloth, the logo and text effect on the mockup will look together like bold embroidery.

free shipping bag mockup


Resolution : 2400 X 2100 with 300DPI
File              : ZIP
File type     : PSD
File Size     : 12,8Mb
Font type   : Magic Mushroom, Minigame font

It uses a high resolution with 2 Magic Mushroom fonts and a Minigame font as its text and logo mockup. Its use is very easy because all of this is built using a fun Photoshop smart object. It can speed up and make it easier for you to work.

Free shopping bag mockup

It is a simple design but looks luxurious, and you can apply this to the types of tote bags you have. The combination of green and black is very suitable, which displays an elegant impression.

free shoping bag mockup download


Resolution : 2100 X 1500 with 300DPI
File: ZIP
File type: PSD
File Size : 9,28Mb
Font type: Nakadai

This shopping tote bag uses the Nakadai type font as the main text. It is completely editable. The file is also built using a high resolution that you can use easily because it uses the smart object feature. You can download it for free for your needs to create mockup designs or for your collection of toolbox later.

Free black tote bag mockups

It’s a kind of 3D mockup tote bag design. You will see a 3D effect if you zoom in closer. To edit it is also very easy because all of this uses photoshop smart objects to make it.

Free black tote bag mockup destinyrail


Resolution : 1980 X 1080 with 300DPI
File: ZIP
File type: PSD
File Size : 12,80Mb
Font type: Microsoft Himalaya, Milano LET

For the main text effect, we used the Milano LET font, and for the second test, we used the Microsoft Himalaya. An extraordinary idea if you use this in designing a tote bag. For our example, we used two tote bags to compare the effect, a black tote bag and a white cotton tote bag.

Get free tote bag mockup

To get the free mockup tote bag here, you need a password to open the zip file. In this article, we have prepared a password for these files. And you can see the password that we use under this post.

Password tote bag design :