This collection of free download 2021 neon light font PSD is what many people are most interested in. This Photoshop font effect has its charm that can attract attention. This blending of light lights up in each text and is full of colors that look so seductive. Neon-style font can be used on flyers, promotional campaigns, and banners.

The use of bright colors is a distinct feature of this effect. With the help of lighting from the not-so-bright background, it is very harmonious and looks contrasting. All are colorful and unique, and easy to customize to your liking. With this professional design, you can change it very quickly. Find your exciting ideas here, and start experimenting with the neon light font that we display below!

By using Photoshop, you can also work on a mockup design. No need to bother anymore and download and do just a few clicks, and you will immediately see excellent results.

It will look exciting!

Premium neon light font PSD 2021 free

Get free effect with a neon style that you can download for free

1. The fire with neon light font photoshop

The use of shining orange color is one of the effects that can emit bright light and is like a burning effect. It’s easy to customize with the professional, high-resolution design styles included in the download. With this fire effect with neon light font Photoshop free, you will get a realistic design and attract everyone who sees it!

neon light font photoshop


Resolution : 3000 x 2000 with 300DPI
File size: 22.3MB
File type: PSD

This file is built using smart objects with matching color combinations that are easy to work with. You don’t need to arrange effects manually. Just a few clicks and change the text or font, and the neon effects will be automatically installed. But of course, we can create other products that are more beautiful by studying the practical arrangement of the files that you have downloaded here.

2. Ningkono neon light font free download

This rough neon effect covered in pink shadow looks so realistic and looks lit. The combination of a rough texture with gray is very harmonious. This neon effect photoshop will shine if you use a dark background.

Ningkono neon light font free download


Resolution : 2340 x 1560 with 100DPI
File size: 3.03MB
File type: PSD

This neon light font 2021 is effortless to use, you only need to make edits with a few clicks. And you have to do is adjust the font shape according to your taste so you will produce an effect like the image. With this high enough resolution, you will get extraordinary results and will be able to grab everyone’s attention. You can customize this on a social media banner design, youtube thumbnail, Facebook banner, Instagram banner, and even typography for your ads!

3. Neon light font effect lava-style

The lava effect font using this astera font is fantastic. It is a free download that has a small file size so that you can download it anywhere. A color combination with a lava-like texture built on a dark blue background with a white gradient looks bright and clear.

Neon light font effect lava-style


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 14.70MB
File type: PSD

This file is a PSD type that you can use in the 2015 version of the Photoshop application and above. With this file, you will create ideas in typography styles for games, movies, and even billboards. Do you have a horror-themed design? Then this will also suit you to decorate your typographic style!

Download and modify it to your liking if you have other shape plans. It will be straightforward for you to do, just a few clicks away, and everything will look perfect!

4. Neon light font night PSD

The light that shines on each of these roughly textured pink fonts looks bright. Carrying a modern text style decorated with cracked porcelain texture, it displays an elegant manner. You can make a new collection in your toolbox in 2021 that you can use at any time!

Neon light font night PSD


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 7.31MB
File type: PSD

Using effects that are easy to apply, replace the text to your liking and process it with just a few clicks, and you will get excellent results. Please try it before you decide to look for another. A file that is only a few MB in size will be able to give a beautiful effect to each of your typography!

5. Light chrome font effect PSD

This chrome font effect with a pink glow can give an elegant effect to every text you make. This file has a resolution of 1980×1080 with 72 DPI, which you can run on Photoshop software with the 2015 version and above.

Light chrome font effect PSD


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 13.4MB
File type: PSD

This is also very easy for you because it uses smart objects that you can run without changing the resulting image’s quality. It fits perfectly with the typographic design you’re building right now!

Neon light font designs you can use on

  • youtube thumbnails,
  • banners,
  • flyers,
  • even for movie titles
  • mockup title
  • and any logo

You can combine this file with free fonts and even premium fonts. Don’t wait long for a typographic design, and you don’t have to bother building one by one to get this beautiful and attractive result!

6. Neon light font effect photoshop

Get this neon effect photoshop for free and start customizing your designs according to what you want. This neon lamp light font effect has a unique design, with a glass layer that will make your text look like porcelain. Effects created using smart objects can give real impacts to each of your font styles!

Neon light font effect photoshop


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 10.2MB
File type: PSD

Various effects are applied to this bundle, including loads of diagonal lines, drop shadows, interior shadows, and an attractive outline. The file size 10.2MB is textured like cracks of earth and lava coated with glass in each font. It can work well for any font you collect.

Make this neon light font template your collection toolbox today!

7. Neon letters photoshop

This Neon letters Photoshop theme effect blends in with a natural background. You can use this as typography for movie titles, social media banners, and even YouTube thumbnails. This will be perfect if you have a nature-themed design with a background of views of forests, plants, mountains, and others.

neon letters photoshop


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 8.19MB
File type: PSD

Created using several blending layer styles such as inner shadow, gradient overlay, bevel & emboss drop shadow, inner glow, and outer glow. The image results from a harmonious blend of typographic style and background with a natural theme. This is a neon light font download 2021, which you can download for free here!

8. Neon text box photoshop

You are built simply by displaying a chrome-like font with a green glow effect on the sides. It’s effortless to use, and you have to activate the smart object feature in it and do it with just a few clicks, then you will get the results.

neon text box photoshop


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 10.80MB
File type: PSD

With this Photoshop 3D text effect free download, you’ll get a bright and clear typographic style. It can work on dark background types and is not suitable for light backgrounds. This font style is like the old font style, which has now been updated to produce a font effect that is not stiff. The white color in this font will clarify and strengthen the text used. Using layer styles, drop shadow, inner shadow, big emboss, and even the stroke style can convey your message to the people who read it!

9. Neon style photoshop

A beautiful photoshop neon style that’s fun to put together and work with. These realistic font effects can communicate your message with depth and modern style. The font in red and surrounded by bright yellow makes a great mix.

neon style photoshop


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 5.97MB
File type: PSD

This effect uses the Brush Town typeface, which you can quickly get. It comes with a high enough resolution that is capable of turning your message into a compelling text. Do you have a poster you designed, online ads to create, a social media banner, or other upcoming projects? This will suit you to apply there. Files that use smart objects can provide writing effects quickly and without taking a long time.

10. Neon light font photoshop template transparent

This transparent neon light photoshop template has a unique design and transparent style design on the font used. Using a strong stroke effect gives its impression. The typography is quite good and is designed using the smart object feature that makes it easier for you to modify each font.

neon light font photoshop template transparent


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72DPI
File size: 12.60MB
File type: PSD

This file uses a resolution of 1980×1080 with 72DPI, which is sufficient to create a movie title, promotional banner, and even your YouTube thumbnail. The combination of white, brown, and purple is very suitable and can provide realistic visuals. It has a minimal size 12.60MB, which you can download for free here. Use this as a collection of your text designs!

Do you have a design that needs a neon light font style?

The set of neon effect styles above is an exciting idea for you, which you can make into your toolbox collection. All of that is designed to make it easier for you to plan work. You can also consider this when you plan a mockup that requires interesting effects so that your mockup style looks beautiful and extraordinary. For other designs, you can also explore our site and many more fantastic premium neon light font effect designs here, of course, which you can download for free!

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