Search and find a free text effect PSD download for photoshop that you can use right away without spending too much time and using it right away.

In any design, typography is the key to the success of a work. Various forms of text effects such as luxury, clean, minimal, retro, vintage, gold, metal, neon, glowing, and other text effects will make the design more attractive. Here I have found some text effect templates that you can download for free, and you can beautify your design.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a text effect is, you can create a Photoshop text and start playing around with some of the options there. During that time, you will begin to go any further until you find a layer of advanced smart objects that you can develop your own until you see beautiful work. You may be confused about creating a new idea in photoshop, and then you will be looking for a tutorial on some of the things that will support your action.

Free text effects PSD download collections

Before moving on to the session, please browse through our free text effect PSD collections below, and download them according to your needs.

1. Free text effect PSD with shiny style

With the presence of this shiny effect photoshop, you can make the most of your social media presence with a beautiful cover that shows off your creative side!

photoshop Text Effect psd


Resolution : 1200 x 700 with 72DPI
File size      : 1,73MB
File type     : PSD

It is suitable for various business needs of corporate, food, creative, music, and more. The excellent file that can be adjusted in each layer in Photoshop. Great for movie covers, games, marketing flyers, or app advertising materials.

This shiny text effect adds an eye-catching design to a title or text set that stands out in your work. Here you can customize the text effects stand. You can also move the scale or change shape to get the look you are looking for.

2. The rainbow text effects template PSD layer style

You can make a new rainbow free text effect PSD template into your typography style! Using a high resolution of 2560×2000 with 300DPI makes the text effect you are working on will not look cracked and blurry.

 rainbow text effects


Resolution : 2560 x 2000 with 300DPI
File size      : 27,7MB
File type     : PSD

This text effect has a professional glow style, which you can apply to flyer designs, advertising campaigns, app ads, and even banners. Do you need to add some kind to your text? It’s designed for use with a typographic style set at 300 DPI and comes with multiple colors and light sources that are easy to work with.

3. Chrome text effect photoshop

This text effect has a professional chrome style, which you can apply to web, game, or app designs. This will make it easier and can speed up your work.


Resolution : 1532 x 986 with 72DPI
File size      : 18,9MB
File type     : PSD

Do you need to add a style to the logo, typography applies to the menu item, or custom text box. This file has a stylish design trend. It was designed for use on the web and is set at 72 DPI, and comes with a resolution of 1532×986 PSD file with chrome color and light sources to be done quickly.

4. Glowing free text effect photoshop download

This package comes with a lot of action and a Photoshop layer style. With a glowing effect that emits green and blue light for a nightclub look.

glow text effect photoshop


Resolution : 3000 x 2000 with 300 DPI
File size      : 8,39MB
File type     : PSD

It is developed at high resolution with 3000 x 2000 pixels and can be used to design text effects for print or the web. It’s very flexible and works with any shape and text style you need. This is a pack of PSD styles used to create 3D glow elements with quality results fast!

5. Simple for free text effect PSD download

This is a flexible and straightforward text style. The use of effects is not too much, so it can make it easier for you to design a typographic work in each of your employment. Take your straightforward typography with you and quickly transform it into the gorgeous chrome text effect you expected.

chrome text effect texture


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72 DPI
File size      : 12,9MB
File type     : PSD

This PSD Action comes with stunning effects that can cater to a wide variety of designs, from chrome stationery styles to creating chrome prints and more. Add a touch of an elegant print design aesthetic to your plans for a value looks!

6. Chrome effect photoshop

With unique text effect layer styles built into one easy-to-work Photoshop file, this cutting-edge collection has the types of designs to add to your design kit. This is a recommendation of the free text effect PSD mockup, which is quite impressive.

chrome effect photoshop free


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72 DPI
File size      : 7,8MB
File type     : PSD

It comes in a metallic or chrome style and works with organized layers and smart objects so that you can change the text type and effect of your target text in no time. This high-energy Photoshop CC text effect file is based on a popular movie style. You don’t need to install, pattern, style, brush, or run an action with this one. You have to click replace text and save. Quite an easy job, isn’t it!

7. Chrome text effect PSD file

This text effect is similar to a metallic effect. However, this chrome-style in free text effect PSD pack has its uniqueness, and you can download this text effect style for free.

chrome text effect psd file


Resolution : 2340 x 1560 with 100 DPI
File size      : 8,13MB
File type     : PSD

It’s all based on the shapes on the smart object layers provided and very easy to work with. It comes with a 3D embossed effect created from various 3D color textures. Exciting products with great attention to detail that you can add to your toolbox!

8. 3D cracked free text effect PSD file

Photoshop effect now comes with special effects. The match between text and background provided is perfect. It’s built with a relatively high resolution of 3500 x 2100 with 72 DPI.

3D cracked text effect


Resolution : 3500 x 2100 with 72 DPI
File size      : 53,6MB
File type     : PSD

Also provided here is a cracking effect that you can easily adjust to the background you will use. No need to be problematic in the process, such as installing plug-and-play applications that you can customize yourself. The crack style is like blending the background with the text that you create later. It’s effortless, and you will get an extraordinary work of these cracking text effects!

9. Game Title Text Effect photoshop

Text Effects comes with text styles that mimic the unique game titles. Each type comes with various effects that form it in such away. Each of these PSD graphic sources is quick to work with using the provided smart object layers.

Game Title Text Effect


Resolution : 2340 x 1560 with 72 DPI
File size      : 50,2MB
File type     : PSD

This text effect has a layered professional quality, with enhanced 3D text and text effect that mimics old game typography’s print approach. The result is a unique text effect that reads in a classic design as if it emulates a professional game title.

There are various effects used in this pack, some containing tons of layers of diagonal lines, bold drop shadows, interior shadows, interesting outline work, and bold strokes to the designs!

10. Movie poster gold free text effect PSD

It is generated from a smart object in Photoshop that has a gold 3D effect. It works with a variety of text shape combinations that stand out in the background you provide.

movie poster mockup


Resolution : 2020 x 1500 with 72 DPI
File size      : 20,2MB
File type     : PSD

You can get gold 3D text results with high-resolution images exported from Photoshop quickly. Using a resolution of 2020 x 1500 with 72 DPI, this typographic display is suitable for you to use in a movie, game, and other titles. You won’t waste a long time working on it because it’s designed to use the powerful features found in Photoshop.

11. Neon free text effect PSD 2 mix

This neon two-mix text effect has a realistic style that’s simple to apply. Using a contrasting color in the resulting text makes this text easy to read on almost any background attached to the reader.

neon text effect psd 2 mix free


Resolution : 2020 x 1500 with 72 DPI
File size      : 10,3MB
File type     : PSD

Relatively easy to use, open a layer to transform text or shapes in Illustrator, and it updates in Photoshop by itself. You can have a customized neon mix sign effect in no time as this file doesn’t use much of the products in the PSD. You can download this Photoshop effect for free by merely pressing the download button at the bottom.

12. Neon text photoshop group

As the name implies, this neon group PSD file carries a glow-in-the-dark theme. Colorful writing on the design with a glowing effect in the dark.

 neon text photoshop group


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72 DPI
File size      : 11,3MB
File type     : PSD

The standard resolution, such as the resolution on a youtube thumbnail, makes it easy for you to process this text effect. It also carries a realistic vintage style that can communicate your message with brightness and tone, whether you have a poster you’ve designed, an online ad to create, a cute online scene, or any other upcoming project. Please use this, and you can get it quickly.

13. Chrome blue text effect PSD

Text effect Chrome blue text effect PSD is simple and looks elegant. The combination of chrome color with blue is very harmonious. With the right resolution, you can make the title of your work later.

Chrome blue text effect PSD


Resolution : 1980 x 1080 with 72 DPI
File size      : 3,45MB
File type     : PSD

This PSD file uses advanced layers that you can customize with just one click. You can change the use of the smart object layer in each text to your liking. You can use this in typography designs for movies, games, applications to your ad campaigns.


Above is a collection of 13 free text effects PSD which you can download for free. Besides, we also provide other text effects on this website. If you are not satisfied with what we show, you can request according to what you expect. Explore there and get free text effect PSD with modern style here!

Use the files above properly in your tremendous interest. The best results will be priceless!

Happy working.!

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