Creating your text effect creation in Adobe Photoshop takes a long time. You even need several layers to perfect the result to make it look professional. This time, I will share some free Photoshop text effects files or PSD text effects that you can use for your design projects. With this text effect PSD style, you can create various text effect styles like those in the Avengers movies, transformers, or text in an eye-catching product catalogue. All that you can do easily without wasting a lot of time.

Text styles in photoshop text effects download for free to create beautiful text

Photoshop layer styles are a set of pre-organized and configured commands that will take introductory text and quickly create beautiful typographic artwork. It’s effortless, just by clicking a button you can apply a unique text layer style to your design text in Photoshop. This saves time, and you have to open the smart object and change the text and font type according to your design needs to produce a dazzling style of text effect. You don’t have to be a Photoshop professional to use it.

Premium photoshop text effects styles

This is a collection of premium Photoshop Text Effects free download that are useful for any text design to make it look stylish, and you can download PSD in each file. There are many Photoshop text effects tutorials available and circulating for free. The fastest method to create beautiful effects is to download one of the free Photoshop templates that we have provided.

1. Android text effects 3 Creative PSD (free)

Edit the text according to your taste, in this file, use the PSD smart object to create it, so you don’t have to bother changing it anymore.
android text effects 3 Creative psd


Resolution  : 2000 x 1500 with 300DPI
File size       : 28,2MB
File type      : PSD
Use these layer styles to give any text to your design looks like a video game-style look, advertising banners, and even text plans on an android and ios app. Besides changing the font style that has been provided, you can also change the background according to your creation.

2. Metallic photoshop text effects

With these layer style files, you can quickly build your designs without taking a long time to work on them.
metallic text effect photoshop


Resolution   : 1400 x 800 with 300DPI
File size        : 13,9MB
File type       : PSD
Files that have a resolution of 1400×800 with 300DPI can provide creative ideas for you. This metallic-style text display has a shiny effect that seems to give the text a shiny effect. Designed using Photoshop smart objects, it will make it easier for you to work. You can use this metallic effect to make your advertising banner, marketing campaigns and flyers.

3. Glossy photoshop text effects 2021

The glossy effect in this article gives a fresh effect for the viewer. With a combination of light blue and dark blue, it adds a clean and fresh impression.
glossy text photoshop style psd


Resolution   : 3000 x 2100 with 300DPI
File size        : 25,7MB
File type       : PSD
This PSD file uses a resolution of 3000×2100 with 300DPI, which is enough to apply your creativity to your liking. It’s effortless to modify, and you have to press the button and edit the text as you wish. Even ordinary people can use this text effect easily without even having to be a professional Photoshop editor. You can get this Photoshop text effects for free just by downloading it on this page.

4. Gold style text effect photoshop

Apply text effect: A more playful look resembles a movie, game, product campaign title with these layer-style files.
gold style text effect photoshop


Resolution    : 1200 x 800 with 300DPI
File size         : 14,9MB
File type        : PSD
Made using gold as the base to give a luxurious effect to each of your designs. Built-in effects to match against the bright background make the text lifelike and beautiful. You must have this file and be used as a collection of your toolbox to make it easier to create. The collection of Photoshop text Effects styles that we share for free in this article all uses smart objects that make it easier for you to work on them.

5. Gold text effect photoshop free

This text effect uses several layers as a complement to make the 3D effect visible. With the perfect placement of the layers, this text effect is lively and looks so beautiful.
gold text effect photoshop free


Resolution  : 2000 x 1500 with 300DPI
File size       : 48,7MB
File type      : PSD
It’s all just based on the advanced smart object program in Photoshop and super easy to work with. It comes with several bright effects crafted from various shiny gold textures. Easy to use even for beginners, with just one click and change the text according to taste. An eye-catching effect with great attention to detail!

6. 3D text action photoshop for free

This one is a high-energy Photoshop CC text effect file based on the movie, video game style that has been popular this year. There’s no need to install, patterns, styles, brushes, and more to act with this one.

3d text action photoshop for free


Resolution   : 1500 x 1000 with 300DPI
File size        : 10,2MB
File type       : PSD
With this small file size, you can get the quality effect of your text 1500×1000 with 300DPI that looks 3D. The gradient effects that are installed look great together, and this is perfect for designs for thumbnail videos, thumbnail photos, cover letters, and more.

7. Silver style photoshop – creative PSD design

This vintage-themed effect is suitable for you to use for product campaigns and video thumbnails that you will build.


Resolution   : 1000 x 720 with 300DPI
File size        : 5.97MB
File type       : PSD
Designed with a medium resolution that is 1000×720 with an image quality of 300DPI to make your work look clear. You can also use this when you build a job with a classic theme. Add your classic touch here and see the results you get!
Don’t hesitate anymore, this file is small, but the results you will get are extensive. Its use is easy to apply to any of your artwork.

8. 3D letters effect PSD free

This volume comes with a Photoshop text effects themes of natural beauty! With green as the base, this effect looks fresh and pleasant to the eye.
3d letters effect psd free


Resolution  : 1920 x 1020 with 300DPI
File size       : 9.05MB
File type      : PSD
The green and white leaf colours match perfectly with the 3D effect. The realistic style that is simple and easy to apply, open up the smart object layer to change the text or shape in Illustrator and update it in Photoshop is that simple. You can have a customized 3D effect in no time.

9. Gold foil text with white effect PSD

This Gold foil text with white text effect has a realistic style that’s simple to apply.
gold foil text with white effect


Resolution  : 4000 x 2500 with 300DPI
File size       : 96.1MB
File type      : PSD
Quite easy! Create a beautiful, realistic fire text effect in three simple steps here. Just type the text, run the PSD action, and then adjust it by placing the flames with the special brush included with this file.
Check out the results! You can achieve high resolution in text and background in just seconds. Correctly positioning the flames with your personal touch leads to genuinely creative and illustrative results with the fire of varying intensity you can get here.

10. Gaming text and typography effect PSD

Add a touch of gaming style to any text, logo, icon, or shape with this graphic Photoshop file.
gaming text and typograph effect psd


Resolution  : 1600 x 900 with 300DPI
File size       : 15,9Mb
File type      : PSD
It works with smart object layers and comes with additional PSD files packed with lots of exciting styles and backgrounds. You can prepare game designs, stylish posters, eye-catching ad campaigns, and even marketing banners in no time with this gaming text effect.

You can download it!

You can download this collection of free photoshop text effects for free here which comes with a small file size that can shorten your work time. By using these advanced features in Photoshop, your work will be much better. You can also get other Photoshop designs on this site, and don’t forget to share with others.

Always remember, sharing is beautiful!

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